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The Garden Watchdog Directory of Mail Order Gardening Companies
Gardening is no easy feat, especially for those who are just beginning to get into the hobby. "Where do I buy gardening supplies?" is perhaps one of the first question someone who wants to begin a garden would ask. Of course, a simple Google search can do the trick, but that does not guarantee the best gardening paraphernalia supplier. Fortunately, one can refer to The Garden Watchdog, which gathers together the information of almost 8,000 mail order gardening companies. What’s great about this directory is that it also shows the positive, negative, and neutral reviews of the gardening companies, as well as information on the kind of plants or gardening supplies each company specializes in.

Rod's Garden Gardening Advice and Tips
Rod Smith has a garden and is a certified nursery professional and he wants to share some information and advice with you. Rod has written an article titled The Art of Home Gardening and it is featured on his site. His gardening advice includes, landscape design, improving soil, plant nutrients, planting in clay soil and edible landscaping. He produces a list of Monthly Gardening Tips and a Calendar of Color. His site also features an impressive list of useful links. Educational Information for Gardening is the educational resource of Victory Seeds, a company that offers high quality open-pollinated and heirloom seeds to customers. But more than just selling seeds, the company aims to protect these seed varieties, to continue propagating plants, and to ensure the continuous growth of plant diversity in the planet. Through this educational guide, one can find the tools and information he needs to help protect seeds and plant diversity. This resource offers links to different major topics such as seeds, gardening, weather, nutritional information on vegetables and the history of Victory Seeds, among others. These topics are then divided into subtopics which include seed germination, U.S. frost dates, recipes, and more.

Skippy's Vegetable Garden
Skippy's Vegetable Garden is a journal chronicling the gardening adventures of Kathy, a biochemist. Kathy was also the owner of Skippy, a Portuguese water dog who thought that Kathy’s vegetable gardens were his. Kathy writes about growing vegetables and fruits, as well as raising chickens and bees. In this journal she tells about maintaining her gardens using sustainable and organic methods in an easy to understand manner - readers feel like they are just listening to a friend talking about her plants. Her entries include topics such as the vegetables she plants, her harvests, and anything and everything that has something to do with her gardens.

Building a Floating Hydroponic Garden
This informational brochure includes information about how to build a flating hydroponic garden. Construction tips are included, as in building a rectangular frame, lining a frame, securing the liner and more. The pictures included illustrate the many steps needed to create a floating hydroponic garden. Container choices, crops and new research is also included in this guide.


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