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Better Homes and Gardens Tips
Are you looking for tips on flowers and plants? Do you want to watch a garden slide show, learn how to plan a garden, get information about growing veggies? How about receiving regional monthly garden tips and techniques? Look no further, this site, maintained by Better Homes and Gardens has it all. Building a Spring Rock Garden? Check out the list of 40 free garden plans.

Winter Hydroponic Gardening Lights
An informative article about using grow lights in the winter to grow plants. Like heating systems, greenhouse lighting offers undisputed benefits to the growth of crops in winter. Recreating summer's warmth and sunlight via artificial means, can trick most crops into continuing production right through their usual dormant season. For growers, however, the lights can be pricey, so this article discusses whether vit's worth the money to invest in indoor lighting technology.

Gardening Tips & Advice from Merrifield Garden Center
Merrifield Garden Center says it's more than a store: We're a learning center for gardeners of all abilities. This colorful and useful website about gardening has it all, including instructional videos, free seminars and even a TV show. Do you have a gardening question? Ask the experts. Utilize the gardening calculators to help you figure out how much fertilizer, limestone, seed, nitrogen or sulfur you'll need when starting your garden. The garden shop will help you purchase the tools you need to keep a great garden. Check out the tip of the day, find the nearest nursery, browse the bookstore, or check out the online plant guide.

Tips from House and Garden Magazine
Tip o' plenty appear on this site that serves as the website for House and Garden magazine. For instance, learn about decorating, gardening, home improvement, cooking, and house and garden shows. The site even features a shopping area where you can purchase anything for your home. Hot-tos, books, and other websites help you get all the information about the topic you are researching. For more information you can even subscribe to this popular and useful magazine.

Plant Man Gardening Tips & Advice
The ProGardenBiz Landscape & Garden Magazine caters to the green industry. Subscribe to ProGardenBiz, it's free! The Plant Man writes articles for the magazine on such garden topics as Transplants Make Tree Planting Easier & More Successful. Features include irrigation time savers, installing a water garden, and creative railroad ties. The Plant Man offers gardening Tips & Advice as well. ProGardenBiz features over 40 articles, columns, news and tips in each issue. If you missed an issue, you can check out the archives. In addition to the magazine, the site features resources, products & services, community and ask the experts.

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