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How to Shampoo Your Oriental Rug in-Home
If you are lucky enough to own an Oriental rug, you have artwork for the floor. But all artwork must be up kept. Some are inexpensive and machine made, but others are genuine oriental or Persian rugs, kaleidoscopes of wool knotted by hand. These rugs are so durable they can last for generations, which also means they can get quite dirty, so proper care and cleaning is essential. This article is exclusively for wool oriental rugs. It advises to use a professional service (though not an in-home service), and these instructions are for those who really want to know their rug in a way which most rug owners do not want to be familir with. It also says that just because several coloar are colorfast does not qualify all colors as colorfast. It says not to attempt the instructions when the carpet shows signs of water run on a colorfastness test or is of light color. The entire procedure could take all day for a 9X12 rug. It also advises to wait for a clear and sunny day with little to no humidity in the forecast. It also says not to clearn your carpet on or near grass. It's a rather complex, 12-step process, and suggests you get an assistant for help.

Important Rules in Decorating with Rugs
This article by Natalie Walton and Elle Lovelock at is about the rules when decorating with rugs. The post has advices from known interior designers such as Sara Silm of, Amy Walker, Jacinta Preston, Andrew Waller, and Sarah-Jane Pyke. The first part explains the important factors with rug decoration, such as scale, size, style, appearance, and materials use in making the rugs. The experts also gave their suggestions when choosing the colors of the rugs that can match the floors and furniture. The second part also has experts' recommendation on how to decorate with rugs.

Flooring Library on
This online flooring products retailer has a lot of good tools (e.g., calculators) and articles for the consumer on flooring topics in its Flooring Library found in the navigation section at the bottom of each page. The have articles on the different flooring materials: wood floors, laminate, bamboo, vinyl, tile and stone, and cork. They have articles on carpeting and rugs, such as the pros and cons of various carpet fibers, install your own carpet with carpet tiles by Milliken, sports themed area rugs, carpet stain protection and carpet warranties, and guidelines on the fundamentals of decorating with carpet. One article evaluates the green-ness of new flooring, i.e., how eco-friendly are some of the flooring options that are being touted. There's a good article on carpet scams and tricks. The article mentions the bait and switch method. The carpet dealer gives you a carpet book from the manufacturer, but when you choose which swatch you want, the salesman marks a more expensive carpet on the contract that you've already signed. Another popular scam is over measuring. The salesman measure the area to be carpeted, shows you a carpet and says he can give it to you for $10 per square foot installed and that since you have 160 square yards, the cost is $1,600. You go shop that carpet and cannot find it for less than $15 per square yard, so figure this is a great deal. Problem is, you really only have 80 square yards instead of 160, so you've paid $20 per square yard. You've been had. The site provides guidelines for the installation of hardwood floors.

Clean Your Wool Rug with Snow
Did you ever think that you could clean your rug with snow? For those who live in colder climates, unprocessed wool is just the ticket for warm clothing, rugs and blankets. With its high oil content, wool gives good protection. Fortunately, snow can be used to clean rugs. Old-time New Englanders swear by this method, according to the editors of New England Today magazine, because it doesn't make a huge mess or require chemical that could strip wool of its natural oils. Also, it makes cleaning a chore the kids can turn into a game. Cleaning is best done at a temperature of 25 F or colder, and on shaded new or powdered snow. Leave the rug outside a couple hours until it freezes. Then lay it on the snow and whack it with a broom, shake it out, turn it over on a fresh patch of snow, and beat the other side.


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