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Rug Cleaning Tips and Advice
This page provides advice on some useful topics for clearning rugs. Home cleaning, vacuuming, repairing and professional cleaning (which is recommended every six to 12 months) are discussed. It is advised that area rugs should never be cleaned in your home because it could possibly damage the floor underneath and lead to molds or rot from incomplete cleaning. Before you need to have your rug deep cleaned, the site says that vacuuming is a good defense to keep your rugs in tip-top shape. You should use entry mats to collect moisture and soil before it gets on your carpet. Before vacuuming rugs, turn them upside down and back top them, repeating several times. If you do get damage, the sooner you repair it, the easier it will be as well as less expensive. It's also possible to use conservation techniques to fortify a fine rug to better resist wear and tear.

Types of Interior Flooring
This section on will teach you how to choose and compare all types of flooring, from carpeting, rugs and laminate, to hardood, vinyl and ceramic tile. Thirteen subcategories in interior flooring are outlined, with links to several articles each: bamboo flooring, carpets and rugs, concrete floors, cork floors, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and natural fiber flooring. A section about cleaning your flooring and information and tips is also included. That section has basic flooring information, as well as carpet scams and information about how to clean rugs. There's a separate article about carpet tiles as an alternative to traditional carpets, as they're versatile, easy to install and remove, and are available in many different patterns, styles and colors.

10 Myths About Oriental Rugs
The purpose of this article is to function like television's Misconception Busters, the author says, because Oriental rugs seem to be steeped in the mysteries of the East and a lot of erroneous stories get told about them. So here are some of the myths and the realities behind them. Myth: Oriental rugs are identified only by design— reality: design is only one component, and construction is the method used to identify all rugs. Myth: all Oriental rugs appreciate in value— reality: most post-World War II rugs do not appreciate in value nor will most purchased new today. Myth: all old rugs are worth a lot; reality: condition is the most important determinate of value. Myth: Persian rugs are superior to rugs from other countries; reality: with notable exception, the quality of Persian rugs has gradually deteriorated since the early 1970s. Myth: never vacuum Oriental rugs; reality: you should vacuum and clean them regularly, but vacuum parallel to the rug end soas not to damage the fringe. Myth: knot count is the best indication of value; reality: the value of only a few traditional Persian rugs is partially determined by knot count. The other myths are that Oriental rugs should never be wet cleaned, they should never have a defender applied, a rug pad is a waste of money, and silk rugs are a great flooring#151;as you know by now, these are all false.

Don't Get Ripped Off: The Hazards of Buying Carpet
The website gives some information to help you avoid the most common scams used in selling carpet. It tells you seven carpet truths: there's no such thing as free lable, an invisble seam, a stain proff carpet (though Triexta comes close), no miracle fibers, no Formaldehyde in today's modern carpets, the life of the carpet depends on your lifestyle, and installation is everything! The site explains about eight of the most popular scams. Here's the titles of some of them to give you a flavor: the whole house scame, the private lable scam, the guaranteed lowest price scam, the I can buy it wholesale, and the old switcheroo. Have you ever wondered if buying a carpet or rug online is a good idea? This Web site advises against it. If you get a sample in the mail, it may not match the rest of the roll, first of all. Second, if there is a defect that does not show up until after installation, i.e. sidematch problems, then again, you have no way of getting satisfaction from the seller when it comes to paying for the installation a second time. But the best reason not to buy carpet online is that selection is so limited compared to your local floor-covering dealer, who probably has more options for you. Recommendation: go to your local dealer and save the Internet shopping for other house wares.

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