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Choosing a Wetsuit for a Triathlon
This triathlete's home page gives practical tips on how to choose a wetsuit. Her article is in bulleted format, and very easy to read and understand. She had attended a wetsuit clinic and typed up her notes, adding personal commentary. In them she says wetsuits are needed to keep warm in cold water and enhance swimming speed. The buoyancy, weight and drag of legs and hydrodynamic material helps speed up your swimming time. She discusses wetsuit construction and materials, and the differences between surfing wetsuits and triathlon wetsuits. Full vs. sleeveless wetsuits vs. two-piece wetsuits is also discussed, as is how to ensure a proper fit. She lists water temperatures that are appropriate for various types of triathlon wetsuits.

Triathlon Training: Running, Swimming and Cycling
This website has useful training information, as well as a free newsletter with triathlon training tips. Articles cover triathlon training and racing, swimming, running, cycling, duathlon, aquathlon, nutrition, and more. These articles are updated once a month, and offer topics such as: power cycling training, altitude training, ironman training taper, maximizing training, triathlon nutrition, triathlon psychology, cramping and stitches, triathlon plyometrics, triathlon training and hypnonatremia.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors and More: Reviews
Triathletes can easily use heart rate monitors to keep track of their heart rate. What's even better is that with all the pricey race equipment out there, it's good to know that you can still find a heart rate monitor for under $100, according to this article. In it are highlighted heart rate monitors, and many have extras that include stopwatches, exercise timers, clocks, settable heart zones with alarms, and backlights. Mentioned are the Polar a5 Heart Rate Monitor, Reebok Fitness Trainer Heart Rate Monitor, Cardiosport GO-10 Heart Rate Monitor and more.

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