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Seniors: Evaluate and Improve Your Driving Skills
Attention, senior citizens! This is a great way to make sure you are fit to drive. As you age, you lose response time and can lose eyesight, so it’s important to make sure you always assess your driving skills. This site by AAA includes a ‘suggestions for improvement’ section, which ery driver should pay attention to. Every senior citizen can improve their driving skills. There are also resources to help you from the AAA that can aid in transportation. Keeping roads safe is important and seniors want to make sure they can do their part to help. The site includes a DriveSharp brain fitness program designed to sharpen your mind and cut your crash risk in half.

Promote Senior Health with Fifty Plus Lifelong Fitness
Mid-life adults have special needs, especially as many people are living longer. That’s why Fifty Plus exists: to help these people lead more active, healthy lives. This organization runs a Fitness Ambassador Corps, where people can join and promote the mission of the organization. The site also has a database of events so people can get daily, weekly and monthly events in their area. The organization’s newsletter, as well as a library, news section and more information about elderly health, is included. Links include information on Stanford University’s Health Improvement Program, as well as other links to promote elder health.

Discover Chiropractic and Homeopathic Options for Treating Back Pain
If you want to learn about your options for treating back pain, consider visiting the site. It provides general information about chiropractic and osteopathic treatment, including the type of training which practitioners undergo to become licensed. It sets out these health care professionals' scope of practice and when to seek treatment elsewhere. Links to other options for relief from back pain, including pilates, acupuncture, yoga and medications are provided.

Dental Health Tips for Seniors
Seniors still need proper dental care, and even a disability shouldn’t keep one from having dental care. Many dentists are mobile now, and can provide routine cleanings for the elderly. Still, there are an array of dental conditions that affect the elderly, such as cavities, gum disease and oral cancer. Regular cleanings for seniors are important. This site has information on giving yourself an oral cancer health exam, tips to prevent cavities, tips on preventing oral diseases and other dental problems and more.

Hot Topics in Senior Health
Stay on top of what’s hot in senior citizen health. As many Americans near their golden years, more are paying attention to health and living better, more vibrant lives. Hot topics include: ageism, Alzheimer’s disease, alcoholism in the elderly, depression in seniors, elder fitness, preventing falls, pain management, hearing and vision. The site features news on the latest in geriatric research, plenty of senior health care resources, information on healthcare policies and a calendar of events. There are plenty of useful articles with the latest in elder health breakthroughs, as well as time-honored treatments.

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