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Guide to Nutritional and Herbal Remedies
This section on the Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center website is an A to Z organized guide of nutritional and herbal remedies. The entries vary, but generally they explain the benefits and sometimes some interesting historical of factual information. For iron, for example, it is mentioned that in North American 58% fo the poipular consume less than the recommended daily amount of iron. Or for bilberry, the entry says that British Royal Air Force pilots during World War II ate bilberry preserves before night missions because it improved their night vision.

Getting Vegetables into Your Diet for Better Health
Everyone always says to eat your vegetables and this site gives you practical ways to get your five a day. It also has charts for women, men, girls and boys with how many cups of vegetables they should have daily to stay healthier. There are also great tips for working veggies into your diet, such as starting the day with a fruit juice, slicing fruit on cereal, and serving vegetables with dinner. You can also try veggie pizza, pasta with vegetables, vegetable wraps, vegetable soup, salad and more. If you're interested in a personal chef serving Aspen Co. that specializes in nutritional food, see personal chef Flourish.

Tahitian Noni: History of this Health Drink
Morinda citrifolia is the scientific name of the noni plant. This web site gives an overview for the history of this seemingly magical plant. Ancient manuscripts handed down from generation to generation, describe many uses for this plant. It is known among the people of the tropics worldwide. In Malaysia, it is known as Mengkudu. In Southeast Asia it is known as Nhau. In the islands of the South Pacific the plant is known as Nonu. In Hawaii, noni juice has become and integral part of the Polynesian culture. An important source of food, the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree has been used for centuries as a food source. Early Polynesians recognized its pure value and consumed it in times of famine.

Pesticides and Food: Healthy Choices
If you're concerned that your food may contain pesticide residues, you may want to order this EPA brochure to answer questions. This web site also has useful links about how the government regulates pesticides, what the residue limits are, why children may be sensitive to pesticides, what organically grown means, healthy food practices, types of pesticides and what integrated pest management means. Because many people eat fruits and vegetables to stay healthy, this is important.

Nutritional Information for Popular Food Items
Here's your chance to get detailed nutritional information on food and drinks to determine which are healthy foods and healthy drinks. You can get nutritional information on fats and oils, ethnic foods, cereals, beef, baked products, baby foods, poultry, meals and side dishes, nuts and seeds, fast food, pork, sausages and lunch meats and much more. Just click on the food category and you can see the serving sizes and calories and nutritional information.

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