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Building Backyard Patio Fire Pits
A backyard fire pit is a natural gathering place when you are entertaining family and friends in your back yard. This informative site covers the basics you need to know about installing a fire pit in your back yard. You will also find suggestions to keep in mind when cooking over your fire pit. Download a free rotisserie cooking chart so that you have this helpful information ready when you decide to use your fire pit as a barbeque.

Do You Want to Be Your Own Contractor? Visit First!
Being your own contractor is something that a number of people have considered when they decide to build their own home. The idea of running the show certainly is an attractive one, but you need to do your homework first. Find out about this site owner's experience as he finds the right house plans, interviews and hires subcontractors, and offers valuable tips to make your construction project a success.

Outdoor Gel Fireplaces: an Attractive Feature for Your Backyard or Patio
The appeal of outdoor gel fireplaces is not difficult to figure out: they give the look of a wood-burning model without the need to purchase and stack wood. Instead, these units use special logs to which a gel fuel is added. This type of fuel burns cleanly and a homeowner doesn't need to have a chimney, electricity or gas to operate one. Be sure to check out the images of outdoor gel fireplaces provided.

Engineering Your Dream Home: Consider a Post and Beam Style
If being able to reconfigure the interior walls of your construction project is an important consideration for you, why not consider a Post and Beam home? This informative site features numerous images at all stages of construction of a beautiful home. From the initial excavation for the basement through the framing to the wall installation stage, you can see the project develop right before your eyes! The interior shots of the finished home indicate what a feat of engineering the exposed rafters are. This feature gives the home a unique and very attractive look.

Get Tips for the Care and Use of a Cast Iron or Aluminum Chiminea
If you have decided to add an chiminea to your backyard, patio or deck, you will want to make sure you are using and caring for it properly. Visit this informative site to learn about site selection, what types of wood to burn and how to store the unit properly after you have finished with it for the season.

Finding Construction Help Doesn't Get Any Easier
If you're considering a home construction project, this site has a valuable tool—a contractor look up—that'll get you in touch with any number of available local builders and contractors for your project. Using this service, site visitors are promised free estimates and contractors willing to bid for your job. Also? There's an easy-to-use Material Calculators section that can give you a good estimate on items such as lumber, drywall, concrete, carpet, paint, and even roofing and sheet vinyl. Links are also available to loan and mortgage resources, insurance and credit services.


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