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Home Building Projects (02)

Unleash the Architect Within At
If you are considering designing and building a new home, this is a great site with plenty of tools to unleash your imagination. You can start by acting as your own architect when you order their Home Quick Planner Peel 'n Stick Furniture Kit, which lets you design your living space using furniture, cabinet and appliance stickers on your blueprints. Future homeowners can also download a building cost estimate program that'll give you a ballpark idea of how much it'll cost you to build in your ZIP code. There are links to a wide variety of blueprints, and house plans designed to fit any need, from beach houses to narrow lots to luxury homes. And if you don't know what kind of house you want, but do know how many bedrooms you need, you can utilize their house plan search function, which will give you a wide variety of styles based on your square footage, bedroom and bathroom requirements. Bargain hunters can also link to special offers on building books and planning sets.

Get Tips for Finding a Roofing Contractor
Homeowners who are interested in hiring a roofing contractor need a plan of action to follow. This article provides step-by-step instructions for finding one. It guides the reader from finding a list of possible providers to interviewing selected ones and assessing which one has the experience required to do the job properly. The list also includes tips for negotiating a written contract, and the site includes an article with information for DIYers.

Follow Along With the Construction Process in Building a Custom House
Follow along with the experience of a man building a log home for himself and his family. The Building a Custom Home blog discusses all the steps along the road to home ownership, from purchasing a lot, drawing up some intial house plans, hiring an architect to draw up some additional plans, and interviewing building contractors. Find out what challenges this man faced when he was looking for financing and why you need to educate yourself thoroughly when you are building your own home. All of these events took place before the initial groundbreaking! Once the actual construction started, you can follow the progress being made on the home as the construction progresses. When you finish reading all of the blog entries, you will find a handy list of ideas you can use when you decide to build your own custom home.

Want to Make a Wall Mounted Folding, Adjustable Workbench? Get Instructions Here!
If you would like to build a wall mounted folding workbench but you aren't sure how to proceed, check out the instructions posted on this informative site. The plans for the bench include views of the workbench from several angles, along with a list of parts and materials you will need to complete the project. Get tips for finding a standard stud in a wall, along with information about what the two most important measurements in this type of workbench project.

Everyone From Beginners To Pros Can Find What They Need To Build A House At
Building a home isn't just heading to Home Depot for a pick-up truck full of 2x4s. There's a lot of paperwork involved, and with this site, you can access much of what you'll need when designing, planning and building a house. For example, future homeowners and builders can download itemized bid sheets to get a project started. There's also access to the Versa Form Construction Documents package—paperwork developed by "legal and construction management professionals" used by builders and homeowners across the country. The site includes links to house plans, construction schedules, and cost estimate calculators as well.

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