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Auto Racing News by the Associated Press
Associated Press always prides itself in bringing the latest and most relevant news to readers. So its Auto Racing News is definitely the place to find out everything you want to when it comes to Formula One, NASCAR, Truck Series championship and much more. With detailed coverage of races, teams, drivers and automobiles, you will be able to glean the most important information that you require to enjoy the best of the world of auto racing. Check out the Schedule and Standing sections to find out more about the dates of major auto races and the position of your favorite team.

US Title Series Professional Outboard Racing
Professional Outboard Racing is the oldest form of boat racing in America. Since 1982, the US Title Series has offered a premier league, pro outboard racing competition in the U.S. The mission of this series is to establish a racing platform for the best pro outboard racing teams, to promote powerboat racing through the competitions, and to uplift the status of the sport to a national level through the cross-country competitions. The USTS encourages the teams and drivers to enhance their powerboat racing skills through the use of technology. With little restriction on engineering and design of boats, USTS drives the American and European engine and boat manufacturers to explore new horizons in powerboat technology.

Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School
Since 1985, Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School has trained and graduated more than 25,000 drivers. Some students come for sheer excitement of racing, while some others come to train as pro drag racers. Each training car in this school is a competition-ready vehicle. The drivers in training will be put in control of a current, competitive dragster. The learning-by-doing approach taken by this school is enhanced by the presence of NHRA World Champions as teachers. Students in Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School are exposed to the best-of-breed teaching instructors.

Getting Started in Kart Racing
Karting provides an entertaining way to connect with family members during a weekend. This family-friendly sport offers a great opportunity to people of different age groups and physical abilities to enjoy the sport without getting hurt. You do not need any prior skills to drive a go kart, but you may have to ask the right questions before buying the kart, so that your dreams of karting do not get wasted. A family visit to the local kart shop may be a fun way to start the sport and a web search of online kart stores may be helpful way to find one. You should know two things before buying the kart: what type of kart racing do you wish to pursue, and what kind of kart do you need for that type of karting?

U.S. Formula 1 (F1) Powerboat Tour Facebook Page
The USF1 Powerboat Tour consists of Formula One, Formula Two, and Formula-Lights series held in U.S. The USF1 Powerboat Tour provides the most exciting powerboat races in North America. This multi-location event comprising 40 or more boats delivers non-stop entertainment to onlookers and fans by continuously allowing a change of race course. In 2014, the FB USF1 Powerboat Tour showcased the greatest tunnel hull drivers in the U.S. This event featured the highest level of competition while maintaining an atmosphere of thrill and entertainment. The Facebook page of this Tour promotes the sport through its usual channels.

Auto Racing on
Are you interested in knowing what's happening in the auto world? AutoWeek then is your destination. The website is spinoff of the popular auto magazine by the same name. As numerous other sources cater to racing fans, AutoWeek focuses on keeping auto enthusiasts and hobbyists informed. Learn what new developments are happing in the auto world, the hottest accessories, parts and modifications and of course from where you can get them. The portal is particularly useful for people who make their car or motorcycle purchase decisions based on reviews. Of course, photos, videos and many other resources are freely available for the hobbyists.

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