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How International Issues Affect Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate
Foreign investors have viewed the U.S. real estate market as a safe haven for investing money. The New York and Miami real estate markets are among the most popular markets among the international investors. 2015 witnessed 15.4 percent of commercial property holdings in U.S. going to foreign nationals or foreign companies. In the residential property market, the National Association of Realtors reported 4 percent of homes in U.S. going to international buyers, which amounted to 8 percent of the total sale amount for the year at $104 billion. The international residential property buyers in 2015 hailed from Canada ($11.2 billion), Mexico ($4.9 billion), U.K. ($3.8 billion), China ($28.6 billion), and India ($7.9 billion). Read the full article how U.S. politics overseas has affected foreign investments in their domestic market.

Why Investing in Hospitality Technology is Investing in Good Business
Paul van Meerendonk, Director of Advisory Services for IDeaS Revenue Solutions, routinely advices people on hotel revenue management and optimization topics According to this experienced individual, while the global hospitality industry is going through a slow recovery, the savvy hotel operators should think of upgrading their business operations with technology for increased benefits. In fact, he is requesting the hotel industry leaders to view technology as a key driver of business growth rather than as an additional cost burden. IDeaS Revenue Solutions helps the hotel industry to increase its operational efficiencies through the use of technology, with the ultimate goals of enhancing the overall performance.

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?
This Colliers article makes a case for commercial real estate investments. Real estate offers many benefits unavailable in other investment types—tax deductions, property appreciation, full control over the property, annual fees, and 1031 tax-free exchanges. The article deals with each of the mentioned benefits in some detail. This article also suggests that though this form of investment creates personal wealth for the investor, the three professionals who should make life of an investor easy are a real estate broker, a lawyer, and an accountant. Read the full article to find out why commercial real estate investments are successful.

Miami Real Estate for Foreign Investors
Sotheby's International Realty tells in this article the secret why South Florida has turned out to be a lucrative investment destination for overseas real estate investors. Whether you wish to buy, sell or invest in a South Florida real estate property, their knowledgeable team members are there to assist you. With millions of property available across the globe, you will be able to identify the top reasons that make these Miami properties a preferred choice among most investors. The realty firm will also attend to your attorney, deposit and inspection needs. The article also highlights the tax filing procedures, withholding requirements, and what documents the seller needs to provide at the time of closure.

Hotel Law Blog
Global Hospitality Group in this blog discusses the recent consolidation in the hotel industry and its impact to various stakeholders. The article discusses how the group conducted a survey so as to keep a track of the different opinions of the stakeholders. The survey touched upon important topics such as the impact of hotel mergers on your business, the various benefits that come with these mergers, the prospective concerns about hotel consolidation, and how to make the most of these opportunities. Besides, you will also get a brief idea about the different hurdles that you may experience and the effective ways to overcome the same.

Spain Hailed as Market of Real Estate Opportunities at MIPIM
MIPIM 2016, a trade fair showcasing the best of Spain's economic recovery, has identified real estate investment as core market sector for the country's economic growth. The year 2015 has been a record year in the Spanish real estate investment industry, has attributed the country's economic recovery and the return of trust to this unprecedented success in the recent real estate investment markets. If this continuing trend is to be believed, then Spain is slated for a tremendous boost in the tourism industry, which may attract more international and high-profile celebrity investors to this popular destination. MIPIM 2016, held earlier this year in Cannes, France, allowed the Spanish real estate industry veterans and new entrants to network, collaborate, exchange contacts, and forge relationships for future opportunities.


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