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Healthy Eating Tips on
Contrary to what many people think, healthy eating is not really hard to do. It is not about depriving yourself in eating of the foods you love to eat. Instead, itís about having more energy and stabilizing your mood. First, you need to change your mindset and start simplifying the ingredients of your food. Second, you should eat moderately and start with smaller servings. Third, itís not what you eat but how you eat it. You should know how to listen to your body so you can enjoy your food. If you want to learn more, here is the list of the ten healthy eating tips on

Should You Consider Organic Food?
Is organic food right for you? First get the basics, such as what organic food is, why it tastes better, how to cook with organic foods, where to find organic foods and news about the latest advancements in the organic food industry. The site features tips for healthy organic eating, health and beauty secrets, and even a fashion and lifestyle section. Book reviews and even links to organic shops are included to help organic lifestyle-livers. The site is based in the United Kingdom.

Drink Yourself Skinny with Calcium?
They say that calcium can help you lose weight and prevent colon cancer. This article on says that diets high in calcium are associated with reduced rates of being overweight or obese. It explains Robert Heaney, M.D., saying that women with higher daily calcium intakes donít gain weight while those with lower calcium intakes gain about a pound a year—and it all goes to their waists. The doctor notes you have to cut back on calories to lose weight with calcium intake.

High-dose vitamin C linked to kidney stones in men
Many experts have speculated that taking large amounts of vitamin C may contribute to the formation of oxalate-type kidney stones because of the metabolic conversion of vitamin C to oxalic acid. This article discusses a study by Swedish researchers (published by JAMA Internal Medicine in Feb. 2013) that details a connection between kidney stone formation and the use of Vitamin C supplements by some 23,000 Swedish men. The study was done over an 11-year period. The finding is that those men who took the vitamin C supplements were twice as likely to get kidney stones. On the other hand, use of a standard multivitamin did not seem to increase the risk of kidney stones.

Health & Nutrition Literature from Physicians Committee
This website brings together the expertise of more than 12,000 doctors and the combined undertakings of dieticians, scientists, experts in the medical community, lawmakers, the media and the public to make medicine more responsible and compassionate for people and animals. The website features tools and resources for physicians to aid them in making nutrition an integral part of their practice, such as the Continuing Medical Education section. It also offers news, publications, fact sheets and kits about health and nutrition, ethical research and education, legislative campaigns and literature on animal experimentation. Interested parties who want to support the communityís work may do so through two donor programs: Remembering the Rodney Society and Food for Life Society.

Getting Supermarket Savvy
This site features so much useful information for making your trips to the grocery store more healthful. The site has free tips and ideas about eating healthy, as well as food reviews, time-saving recipes and a newsletter. Food experts offer information about healthy eating, and the site also has a virtual supermarket where you can shop for healthy food. The newsletter has food reviews, aisle-by-aisle tip sheets, free food samples and other educational resources. Bring better nutrition to the table before you start cooking!


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