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Vegan Diet Basics
This site has everything you’d like to know about vegetarian eating from The Vegetarian Journal. Topics include introduction to vegetarian eating, a position paper from the American Diabetic Association about vegetarian eating, easy vegan menus, calcium in the vegan diet, choosing a dietician, feeding vegan kids, healthy fast food for kids, iron in the vegetarian diet, getting protein in your vegan diet and vegan nutrition during pregnancy and childhood. The importance of Vitamin B12 is also noted, as is a senior’s guide to vegan eating.

Online Naturopathy School
This website is home to the naturopathy students of Linda Lazarides, a renowned author and natural health expert with over 20 years of naturopathic experience. She founded this international online naturopathy school in January 2011 to provide anyone interested in naturopathy and naturopathic nutrition with the knowledge and skills they need to become practitioners. The website offers information about the training course offered complete with a downloadable prospectus. It also features information on Linda Lazarides, the teaching and assessment methods, the online school’s qualifications and the organizations it is accredited by, and the entry requirements of the course. Visitors of the site can also apply for the course on the website, find links to naturopathy articles, course FAQs and testimonials, and read finished dissertations of the online school’s graduates.

The Jackson Fountain of Youth
The Jack Fountain of Youth is a page on the website of Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology that represents their recommendations for good health and long life. The page that your genes only account for about a third of your chance for living a long, long time with mental and physical vigor, and that what you think and what you do accounts for the other two thirds. They break it down into three parts: mind set, physical action and personal action. The mind set has to do with using the mind to create challenges, interacting with people, controlling anger, avoiding stress and living within one's means.Phyical action has to do with being pro-active with physical symptoms and getting medical tests. Personal action is about maintain a thin weight, exercising, and eating well, with logs of vergetables, fish, fruit and whole grains. It is also recommended to take vitamin C, vitamin B complex with folic acid, 1000-1300 mg of calcium a day, a multiple vitamin, and the Jackson Fiber Coctail of 20-30 gm of fiber.

Can Diet Prevent Colorectal Cancer?
There is a lot of scientific evidence that red meat and saturated animal fat, by themselves, increase your risk of getting colorectal cancer, explains Dr. Joel B. Mason, in this article about using diet and nutrition to prevent colon cancer. It says that this form of cancer seems to be the most intimately tied to diet and healthy eating, which is why many researchers are studying the best foods for preventing colon cancer. Dr. Robert M. Russell also contributes to the article, saying that the key components shared by these diets are significant amounts of calcium, vitamin D, folate or folic acid, vitamin E, fiber, selenium and garlic.

Health Nutrition Guide on
For many people, observing healthy eating habits is difficult. If you think you are one of them, check this health nutrition guide at Here, you will understand the importance of eating healthy foods. Then, you will learn the basic steps to good nutrition. This includes how to create an eating plan based on the food pyramid you want to follow. There is also an explanation about the different kinds of fats found in food, a set of general guidelines for heart-healthy eating, and examples of good amount servings of food. To help you have a better understanding, the last part contains the terms used other than you already know.

Nutritional Information for Kids and Adults
The World Health Organization put out this collection of links on topics related to human health. Discussed are child growth and development, micronutrients, infant feeding, feto-maternal nutrition and low birth weight, dietary recommendations and nutritional requirements, malnutrition, obesity, senior citizen healthy eating and more. A section on HIV/AIDS is also included, as is one about household food security.


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