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Naturopathic Nutrition Association
Naturopathy is a primary health care system that is distinct from traditional medical practice, with a focus on finding out the root cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms, and on harnessing the power of the body and of nature to heal and prevent disease. Naturopathic nutrition is the practice of nutrition grounded in the practice of naturopathy. The Naturopathic Nutrition Association is the professional association of naturopathic nutritional therapists, graduates, and final year students. It provides education, training and mentoring, as well as continuing professional development. The NNA website is a rich resource for nutrition experts and therapists, featuring information on training providers, CPD opportunities, a database of natural medicines, news and events. The website also includes an FAQ section explaining the professional standards the association lives by.

Diet to Prevent Colon Cancer
This web page discusses ways to reduce the risk of colon cancer. It says that new research into diet and colon cancel has found that some previously suspect foods are okay, while confirming that other foods, such as processed meats, do indeed increase the risk. Thus, voicing red and processed meat in your diet continues as a mantra for preventing colon cancer. Processed meats are especially bad. Over 10 years, consuming once ounce of processed meat five to six times a week for men, and two to three times a week for women, increased the risk of cancer in the lower colon and rectum by 50 percent. The American Cancer Society recommends a largely plant-based diet with limited amounts of meat. Some good news is that dietary fat is no longer a bogeyman in colon cancern. Healhty fats, such as found in plant sources or fatty fish like salman, can be healthy. It also recommends low alcohol consumer, and getting calcium, though not high amounts. is the online version of the Better Nutrition magazine. The site has tons of healthy recipes for all meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are also recipes for soups, salads, dairy-free foods, foods for vegetarians, and foods that can boost your immunity system. But more than anything else, there is a huge list of articles that contains tips and recommendations on how to have a healthy eating lifestyle even if you are on a strict diet. There are also posts that talk about having a natural lifestyle not only for you, but also for your family and pets as well.

Osteoporosis: Preventing It with Your Diet
According to the UK National Osteoporosis Society, it already affects 1 in 3 women over the age of 60 and 1 in 2 over 70, and more women die from complications following hip-fractures than from major female cancers, the site says. The main reason for this problem in men and women is that people are not getting enough calcium. In women, estrogen influences the rate at which calcium is absorbed in the body. The site suggests eating magnesium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D, which will help absorb calcium. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C are also necessary, the site says.

Calcium Pills May Stave Off Colon Cancer
This article in WebMD discusses an Israeli study that show that calcium supplements may elp reduce the spread of rectal adenomas, more commonly known as polyps, that could turn into colorectal cancer in those at risk for developing the disease. Adenomas are small benign tumors that are outgrowths of the tissue lining the walls of the lower bowel. Most colon cancers generate from these nonmalignant growths. The study found that among patients who took calcium, the size and growth of benign tumors was reduced by 58 percent; in contrast, only a 26 percent reduction was found in patients who didn't take calcium. The study also found, however, that calcium supplements seem to work best as part of a healthy diet. While 73 percent of patients on a low-fat diet has noticeable reductions in adenomas, there were no differences among high-fat eaters in calcium and no-calcium groups.

Keeping Soil Clean to Keep People Healthy
This site by the Soil Association exists to keep sustainable, organic farming on the rise to increase human health. The tagline of the association is healthy soil, healthy people, healthy planet. The United Kingdom-based group’s site features information about stopping contamination of organic foods, a consumer guide so you can find organic foods and know what’s in them, a library about soil-related topics, and updates on various festivals to promote healthy food. The ‘Why Organic’ site gives the basics about what organic food is, and why so many people are flocking to it.


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