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The Holy Kale Nutrition Site
This website is the result of the many years of Lauren Feltsí journey toward health and wellness. A certified nutritionist, Felts shares an extensive range of information about holistic nutrition and toxin-free living. Her blog features posts on effective supplements, protocols, flushes, detoxes and cleanses, as well as healthy lifestyle practices. Readers will find loads of guidance in keeping the mind, the body and the soul healthy. The blog also offers a lot of nutritional tips and nutrient-dense yet yummy recipes for optimal health. Some of her most popular post topics include the risks and benefits of birth control, natural treatment for PCOS, and cleansing the kidneys.

Dr. Klaper: Plant-Only Medicine Man
Want to know the latest studies with regard to vegetarian diets? This site has clinical research information, study details and information to join vegan-eating diets. The is the site for Dr. Michael Klaper, who offers nutritional information and strategies for common conditions. The site offers news bites, DVDs, videos on demand and free videos. It also offers videos from Dr. Klaper's Healthy You webinar series on topics related to health, nutrition and science. There is a large questions and answers section.

The Nutrition Source from the Harvard School of Public Health
Launched in 2003, The Nutrition Source is a website maintained by the Department of Nutrition at Harvard to provide timely, evidence-based information to promote healthy eating by getting people started down the path to the healthiest diet possible. There's a What Should I Eat section with ten key tips for eating right, with recommendations concerning carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber, vegetables and fruits, calcium and milk, healthy drinks. lower salt and sodium, alcohol and vitamins. It also provides a chart and information about a food pyramid and plate based on the latest science: the Healthy Eating Pyramid created by the Department of Nutrition at Harvard. And there's lot s of other information in the forms of news, Q&As, nutrition books by the faculty, an A to Z guide on nutrition, recipes, and guides on healthy weight and staying active.

Good Nutrition Facts During Cancer Treatment on
Having good nutrition is very important if you are under treatment of cancer. Among its benefits includes being able to have lesser risk of infection, maintain your body weight, keep you strong, and increase your healing factor. To help you cure cancer, you need nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals. All of them are explained well in this comprehensive article at , including their benefits and which food that contains them. You will also learn more about antioxidants, phytonutrients, and herbs, along with some safety reminders about food supplements.

Calcium Rich Foods, a site for nutrition information, has a good section on calcium nutrition. It provides a discussion of calcium rich foods, and provides a chart showing how many milligrams are in specific dairy, soy and canned fish foods with high calcium content. It ways that adult men and women need at least 1000mg of calcium per day, but post-menopausal women should take up to 1500mg per day. People with lactose intolerance can take pre-treated milk with 99 percent less lactose, and some dairy products, like firm cheese, yogurt and buttermilk, are naturally low in lactose. Other alternatives are calcium supplements and non-dairy foods high in calcium such as dark green vegetables and dried beans. While most people know that calcium is important for building and strengthening bones and teeth, calcium also helps to maintain a normal heart beat, regulating blood pressure, and for keeping the nervous system healthy. The site provides related articles, such as Calcium Citrate vs. Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin D and Bone Health and calcium diets for pregancy and menopause. There are FAQs on calcium supplements, tips for women, and the benefits of soy.

Food, Nutrition & Health from UNL
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Lancaster Country Extenstion has a Food, Nutrition & Health website billed as timely & easy-to-understand research-based food information for use in your daily life. The extension provides a lot of information on nutrition and healthy food, meat products, weight management, healthy eating basic at various life stages, food safety and food allergies, as well as practical information on home food preservation (canning, freezing and drying) and a Recipe Central for nutritious recipes and how-to cooking tips. The site offers PowerPoint slide presentations, fact sheets and other educational materials. It also provides current food news and local events held by UNL (e.g., Control Diabetes for Life, as well as newsletters, blogs, podcasts, apps and social media.


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